Thursday, January 17, 2013

Key questions to ask yourself before picking your company’s back-up solution.

A few things to consider:

1. How long can you go before backing up? 
In recent years there has been a major shift away from using once a day tape backups. Consider this, how much data are you entering between 8:00am to 5:00pm? What if disaster strikes at 4:50pm? Technology has advanced. Consider a solution that can back up automatically every 5 minutes.

2. How long will it take you to get back up and running? 
When picking a back-up solution, many companies only consider the security of their data. Consider this, how long are you willing to be down? With some back-ups, recovery time can take days, even weeks to get back up and running at the same capacity your were before the failure. Consider a solution that allows recovery in minutes, not days. 

3. Is your back-up even working? 
We’ve had companies that were going about their daily backup routine, no physical signs of any trouble. When the time came, as it does for most, when the need to recover data arose, their data hadn’t been backing up for months. Consider this, what would it mean for your company if half a year of data, was erased with no means to recover. Your inventory, accounting, processing, purchasing, all gone. Consider a solution that is monitored 24/7 to insure it is always working properly.

4. Have you covered all your bases? 
Many companies back-up onsite which might be good 90% of the time. Consider this, what happens if your backup solution is physically damaged (fire, flood, tornado)? However, backing up your entire business offsite can get quite pricey. Consider a solution that offers a hybrid. You can continue to back-up your entire network locally, but for added security, back-up your crucial data offsite as well.


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