For almost 20 years Data Magic has strived to do one thing, provide solutions.  Quality, customizable solutions that fit your business.  We believe the scalability of our solutions is what sets us apart.  It is this scalability that allows you to find the perfect fit for where you and your company are at currently without having to worry about those same solutions holding you back when you're ready for growth.  To provide companies with the most reliable, innovative infrastructure we as a company have two areas of focused science.

Look at the human body; the musculoskeltal system provides us support, stability and our ability to move.  It also protects our internal organs and gives us our form.  That, in essence, is what your network should do.  It should be stable, support your varying needs and allow you to to carry out your daily tasks, all the while protecting all your programs and critical data.  The nervous systems is like all your software and data; it allows for communication throughout your network and carries out all the specific functions.  By focusing on Network Infrastructure and Software Infrastructure we can literally build the perfect match for your needs.    

Network Solutions

Obviously you want to start with a strong foundation.  If your working with patched together servers and workstations it's only a matter of time before they fail you and cripple your business.  We want to insure three things with our network solutions:
  • Stability -We want to make sure that your network is strong to begin with to minimize any failures and keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Support - Businesses are constantly changing which means networks need that same capability.  We want to make sure we give you the support you need to keep your network current and healthy.

  • Reliability - Unfortunately hardware can fail for a number of reasons.  Our job is to insure that those failures, while minimized, don't bring your entire operation to a halt when they do occur. With our state-of-the-art monitoring software we keep a close eye your networks so we can catch these potential failures quickly and in many cases before they actually occur.

  • Software Solutions

    Now that you've built a strong network infrastructure you need a smart "brain" to tell it what to do.  Your business likely has a variety of different departments carrying out a variety of different functions.  We know how difficult it can be when those different departments are communicating effectively.  Our software solutions aim to do :
  • Increase Efficiency - Out-of-the-box software can seem appealing due to a low price tag but many times you have to conform your business to it's ability.  The lack of specific functionality unique to your company, in many cases, means manually preforming key tasks.  By customizing those applications or even building software from the ground up, you can automate those time consuming tasks.

  • Streamline - It is imperative that there's clear communication across all departments.  From quoting to purchasing to the inventory, if they are not all on the same page the process can fall apart.  With software integration we can make sure everyone is speaking the same language at the same time and has access to the information they need when they need it.

  • Simplify - No one wants to have to pull out an owners manual every time they need to export and print a purchase order.  Our intuitive approach to programming takes manual processes, breaks them down to their most basic element, and then automates those tasks, making it as simple for you as clicking a button.